Do you carry out visa support?
Sure, we can provide reception unitary and double visas (on Baikonur Cosmodrome), as well as other sanctions which are necessary to visit Russian space objects. If you have chosen one of our Travels/Tours and have reserved this Travel/Tour the following, that you should make, it to send us your personal information (passport data) and a copy of the first page of your passport.

Baikonur Cosmodrome is located on the territory of Kazakhstan Republic. Does in mean that you need visa to Kazakhstan?
No, you needn't. Baikonur Cosmodrome is located on the territory Kazakhstan Republic. But, Russia rented the area of Cosmodrome according to the government agreement between Russia and Kazakhstan (1994) on period for 20 years. In 2004 the agreement was prolonged till 2050. That's why it's enough to get double Russian visa.

What Mosow Hotel will you stay at?
We offer accommodation at one of the Moscow Hotel - Cosmos Hotel. Sure, we are ready to offer you other Moscow Hotel if you are not agree with such proporals. For example, Marco Polo Presnja Hotel, Radisson SAS Slavyanskaya Hotel, Renaissance Moscow Hotel, Marriot Grand Hotel.

If there are any additional charges to be required?
We offer Travels/Tours under "all inclusive" conditions. So there are no additional charges during all the tour - either in Moscow or Baikonur. Of course, souvenirs, alcohol and extra exhibitions while your free time are to be paid by yourself.

What does * mean in term Dates?
The final assemblage of rocket, spacecraft and apparatuses are realized in assembly buildings. This process is rather difficult and delicate. If the smallest fault or disrepair has happened, the date of launch would be postponed. The main thing is the reliability of rocket, spacecraft and thus, accident-free launches. So the cosmonauts/astronauts would come back on Earth safe and unhurt. Therefore 23 of each month is the day of launch’s dates correction for next three months, the ground of it is the real foundation of preparation of the Soyuz rockets and spacecrafts. Roskosmos declare the dates of launches of new Soyuz spacecrafts. Naturally, the plans of starts manned spacecraft and unmanned cargo ships are known until many months on International Space Station. All spadework on Baikonur Cosmodrome are focused on performance of these plans. But dates fixed are not the ultimate aim. The main thing is the reliability of technics and safety of cosmonauts. Follow of dates of realization of our Travels/Tours, and you would be able to plan your journey according to these dates.

What distances is normal for watching of Launch Rocket?
Observant platforms of Baikonur Cosmodrome have the following location: 0.59 mile / 950 m distance from Soyuz rocket, 0.84 mile / 1350 m distance from Proton rocket and 0.625 mile / 1000 m distance from Zenit rocket.

Is it possible to photograph on Launch Pads, Assembly building vechicles and other space objects from your Tours or Travels?
Certainly, at Cosmodrome, Aerodrome, associations, the enterprises, institutes and the centers which you visit, it is popossible to do photos and a video shooting. Therefore we guarantee you unforgettable photos and films.

If there is any leisure time during Tours?
Of course, if Travel/Tour schedule includes leisure time you would have an opportunity to use it upon your own plans, while in Moscow or on Baikonur, on St.-Petersburg or Plesetsk.

What medicine demands are made of participants of space trainings?
Naturally, not everybody can either take part in this tour or go to space. In this case medicine plays a vital part. For determination about your participation in tour “Life on the Earth - as in Space” you should send us extract certificate of health: past diseases, operations, traumas, absence of chronic pathology, certificates of health of stomatologist, dermatologist, psychiater, expert in narcology, phthisiatrician, physician and gynaecologist. Also we need the results of following laboratorial analysis: clinical blood and urine tests, biochemistry blood test, AIDS, RW, Australian antigen, blood group, excrements test, gullet’s smear. To be a participant of "space trainings" you should give us the general analysis of blood and urine, cardiogram.

What are the weather conditions on Baikonur Cosmodrome?
The Baikonur Сosmodrome has the southern location in a difference of another Russian Сosmodrome, - Plesetsk, - which is located on the northern part of Russia. Thus the average temperature at Baikonur is 68-77oF / 20-25oC in spring, up to 104-113oF / 40-45oC in summer. For the other hand the hot is rather bearable, because the climate is very dry. There are only few rainy days during all the year. In rooms of Hotel, in buses, restaurants and in the majority of other places which you will visit during Tours there are conditioners.

How much time does the drive from Moscow take?
The drive from your Moscow Hotel to the Ramenskoye Aerodrome in our comfortable bus requires about 40-50 minutes; to the Myachikovo Aerodrome - 30-40 minutes.

Which preparations are done before a flight?
Your physical state, regarding the loads you can safely withstand, are determined during the pre-flight medical inspection. Medical inspection can be considerably simplified if you have a valid flying license. The same is true if you have a certificate on the state of your health with you. The principles of the operation and sequence of using of communication facilities are explained. A high-altitude pressure flight suit is adjusted to you, and how it works explained.

How far from Moscow is the place of the start of a flight?
An air balloon can start from different places. It depends on the season, the direction of the wind, and other weather conditions. In any case, it won't be further from Moscow than 35-40 km.

How many people are able to take a flight at the same time?
RusAdventures offers several types of Hot air balloons, for seven and for two passengers. Therefore there are no any restrictions on the number - we can lift into the air any number of passengers.

How much time does preparation for an Hot Air Balloon flight take?
Preparation time is a maximum of 20-30 minutes. The Hot Air Balloon itself is already at the place of take-off. As soon as you arrive, the fans, which fill the Balloon with hot air, are switched on. But the main element is that you yourself can take part in the process of preparation of the Balloon for the flight.

Is the pilot able to land the Balloon next to interesting objects?
There is no problem with doing this, providing that weather conditions and the location of the desired object allows for landing. The only thing you have to do is to warn the pilot about your wish in time, for, of course, an Hot Air Balloon, unlike a car, can't go backwards.

Where is the Hot Air Balloon supposed to land?
An experienced pilot controls the Balloon, thus it won't be difficult for him to land the Balloon near a road. Our bus follows the Hot Air Balloon constantly. There are also good cell phone and other special communication contacts between the pilot and the bus in order to provide this service.

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