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Please, specify, in what tours you would like to participate, as well as the time period, mostly suitable for you. For more information on any tour, click on the tour name.

  Tour Price Date Requested Possible Date
Baikonur Launch Tour: Soyuz$ 4,600.00 every weekly
Baikonur Launch Tour: Progress$ 4,020.00 every weekly
Baikonur Tour: Cosmodrome$ 7,680.00 every weekly
Astronaut Training: Centrifuge$ 3,940.00 every weekly
Astronaut Training: Neutral Buoyancy$ 12,780.00 every weekly
Astronaut Training: Running on Vertical$ 1,500.00 every weekly
Astronaut Training: ORLAN Space Suit$ 3,490.00 every weekly
Space Training: Manual Docking$ 3,050.00 every weekly
Space Training: Planetarium$ 370.00 every weekly
Space Training: Water Survival$ 15,000.00 every weekly
Star City Russian Tour: Space Simulators$ 210.00 every weekly
Russian Star City: Space Tour$ 260.00 every weekly
Star City, Russia: Russian Space Museum Tour$ 165.00 every weekly
Russian Tour: Space Mission Control Center$ 190.00 every weekly
Russian Museum Tour: Space History$ 225.00 every weekly
Moscow Tour: Space Museum$ 155.00 every weekly
Moscow Tour: Excursion$ 90.00 every weekly
Russian Museum Tour: Space Suits$160.00 every weekly
Russian Museum Tour: Space Military$ 215.00 every weekly
Russian Space Program Tour$ 3,025.00 every weekly
L-39 "Albatross": Flight Training$ 3,100.00 every weekly
Flight MiG-23 "Flogger": Flight Training$ 8,690.00 every weekly
MiG-25 "Foxbat": Flight to Stars$ 20,800.00 every weekly
Flight MiG-29 "Fulcrum": Flight Training$ 14,000.00 every weekly
MiG-29: Flight to Stars$ 14,400.00 every weekly
Su-30/Su-27 "Flanker": Flight Training$ 17,700.00 every weekly
Aviation Museum: Russian Monino Tour$ 160.00 every weekly
Hot Air Balloon: Russian Ride$ 430.00 every weekly
Hot Air Balloon: Russian Ride on Sunrise$ 420.00 every weekly

If you wish to pay via bank transfer, check or some other way, please call us or send the message, and our experts will contact with you for details.

Condition and Terms for Reservation and Cancellation

You must pay 50% of the price of the tour as soon as you book it. This sum should be paid not late than 30 days before the beginning of the tour. If you cancel your reservation on the tour during the period of between 30 and 20 days before the beginning of the tour, we will be refund you the sum of your first payment minus a 20% cancellation fee. We ask you to make the second payment not late 20 days before the beginning of the tour. Cancellation of your participation in the tour less than 20 days before it is scheduled to begin will result in a loss of 100% of the cost of the tour.


I have thoroughly familiarized myself with all the conditions and details of the chosen tour. I understand that I will need to sign a liability waiver before participating in certain tours. I also understand, that some certain tours are intended for people with normal health, and in case of impairment of my state of health I shall not have any claims because of a full or cancellation of the chosen tour. I realize, that I must be not younger than 16 years. I understand that by checking "AGREE" below, I am making a reservation, and may use this agreement as a basis to bill me for the program.

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