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You would see technical and starting complexes of main types of launch vehicle. You would go up to service towers and see the most difficult technical complex of cosmodrome. You would be a witness of launching Soyuz launch vechicle together with unmanned Progress M cargo ship. The leading collaborators of basic russian space associations would become your guides.

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Tour Itinerary

   Day one - After arriving in Moscow, you will be picked up by your driver and transported to your 4-star luxury Hotel. You can have a rest at the hotel or go and see the Russian capital by night.

   Day two - Your flight from Moscow to Baikonur departs early in the morning. Baikonur is the capital of the oldest and largest Russian cosmodrome. You will be accommodated in an Baikonur Hotel where official delegations use to stay during their visits to the cosmodrome.

   Day three - Today you would see technical and starting complex Proton launch vehicle. At the present day this launch vechicle builded by Khrunichev Space R&D Center is the best in it's class. On launch pad you can touch the huge service tower, go up to one of it's ground and from there you will see all the starting position of Proton launch vechicle. In newest assembly and trial building you will visit the "clean hall", volume 400,000 cubic meters. The dimension of this hall is commensurable with football ground. One of the leaders of Rocket and Space equipment operation plant Khrunichev Space R&D Center will tell you about the process of preparation of space apparatuses and launch complex Proton taking out them on the orbit. After launch you will see the Universal test stand/launch pad of Energia launch vehicle. Also you will see two towers of it high about 80 m and launch complex, come downstairs to gas-stroke. All the visitors of Baikonur are astonished with the tremendous dimension of this complex.

   Day four - Today you will meet with another type of launch vechicle - Zenit. One of the leaders of Operations and Test Center of the Transport Engineering Design Bureau will become your guide in assembly and testing building. The launch complex is absolutely automated and uninhabited in difference of another objects on cosmodrome, there you will know about the original solve of launch vechicle's service before launch. Close to the real launch complex the analogous complex is located what had been destroyed in 1990 as a result of the launch crush. Unfortunately, it was neither the first nor the last crash on cosmodrome. You will be drived to the place of outstanding crash in the history of cosmodrome and soviet-russian cosmonautics. In 1960 preparing the launch of rocket P-16 126 persons had been lost including Chief Artillery Marshall Mitrofan Nedelin.

   Day five - From an observation site for VIPs, located at a distance of just one mile from the launch pad, you will see the unforgettable launch of unmanned Progress M cargo ships in all details. We hope that what you will see will remain in your memory for a long time, if not forever. The representative of the Rosaviakosmos will be there to comment on all stages of the start especially for your tour.
In the museum of cosmonautics at the cosmodrome you will learn about the history of rise and construction of the first Soviet cosmodrome, about its famous and sad days. You will learn how the Chief Designer of the spacecraft Sergey Korolev and the world's first cosmonaut, Yuri Gagarin, lived at the cosmodrome. You will see the Soviet Buran space shuttle and biggest and ecologically clean launch vehicle Energia, capable of delivering about 100 ton of payloads into orbit, earning it the designation "system of the 21st century". You will visit the gigantic assembly and testing building with its overwhelming dimensions. You will be able to climb up to the Buran space shuttle of the Energia-Buran system.
After dinner you will return in Moscow, where you will stay at the same Hotel as in the beginning of your journey.

   Day six - Check out and departure day from Moscow. Your guide-interpreter will accompany you to the Sheremetyevo International Airport.


Space launches Launch Tour


*The launch dates are updated each month, a number of 23 for three months forward

This space tour includes:

  • double visa and entry permit for the city and Baikonur cosmodrome
  • meeting/departure at Sheremetyevo International Airport, Moscow
  • group transfers between airport and Moscow Hotel
  • two night stays with breakfast at a Moscow Hotel (before and after journey to Baikonur)
  • air transportation from Moscow to Baikonur and Baikonur to Moscow (business class)
  • three night stay at a Baikonur Hotel
  • VIP tour for the cosmodrome, including watching of launch a Soyuz launch vehicle, group transfers between airport and Baikonur Hotel, between Baikonur Hotel and objects cosmodrome
  • all meals
  • a guide-interpreter (English, German, French)
  • a representative of the cosmodrome as an escort (compulsory)
  • photo and video permit


The company reserves the right to change the sequence for the inspection of technical and launch complexes on the cosmodrome, depending on the lift-off time of the launcher.

Due to launch delays and changes of schedule that are dictated by Rosaviakosmos, as well as weather constraints and other factors which are outside our company's control, viewing of an actual launch during this tour can not be guaranteed.

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