Baikonur Cosmodrome: Plan

 - Soyuz rocket (Gagarin's) launch pad
2 - Space museum at the Baikonur Cosmodrome. Korolev's and Gagarin's museum-hourses
2A - Soyuz rocket, Soyuz spacecraft and Progress cargo ship processing area
2B - Soyuz rocket and payload processing area
3 - Oxygen/nitrogen proguction facility
5 - Radio transmission center
15A - Krainiy Airport
17 - Cosmonaut Hotel
18 - IP-1 measurement post
21 - Vega measurement post
23 - Saturn measurement post
31 - Soyuz-Vostok rocket launch pad, rocket and payload processing area
32 - Technical complex for Soyuz-Vostok rocket
42 - Zenit rocket and payload processing area
43 - IP-2 measurement post
45 - Zenit rocket launch pad
81 - Proton rocket launch pad
90 - Tsiklon rocket launch pad
91 - Fueling/neutralization station for Proton rocket
92 - Proton rocket and processing area; storage facility of rockets, spacecraft and upper stages
110 - Energia rocket launch pad
110A - Dynamic test stand of Energia rocket
112 - Energia rocket and Energia-Buran space system processing area
112A - Fuelling station for Buran space shuttle
200 - Proton launch pad
250 - Universal launch pad/test stand of Energia rocket
251 - Buran space shuttle landing complex
254 - Technical complex for Soyuz spacecraft

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