Space Training: Water Survival

Name: Forel hydrosuit
Weight: 39,7 lbs / 18 kg
Date of first exit: December 29, 1978

Space Training Itinerary:

   Day one - Arrival in Moscow. You will be accommodated in a Cosmos Hotel. After dinner you can get rest, or go for an evening walk around the capital of Russia.

   Day two - In the morning you take off to the south of Russia, to the Adler Airport. After the transfer and accommodation in the Sochi Hotel you will receive a general briefing concerning Space Training: Water Survival, as well as the theoretical-practical lesson in the use of an emergency supply.

   Day three - Early in the morning you are taken to a special sea ship. After you are accommodated in one of the cabins of the ship, the instructors of the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center (Russian Star City) will show and explain to you: how to use the light emergency signaling devices correctly (to signal, to light a flare pot, to fire a flare); how to put on the Forel hydrosuit; and how to exit a Soyuz spacecraft descent module capsule quickly. After lunch and a medical check, you will experience a so-called "dry" training in a descent module capsule on the deck of the ship.

   Day four - After a medical check, you will spend several hours in a descent module capsule floating in the Black Sea, together with Russian cosmonauts and foreign astronauts. Your task is not only to survive, but also to do your best in order to be discovered as soon as possible. Afterward this ship's crew will congratulate you, and give you a certificate of Space Training: Water Survival.

   Day five - Transfer to Adler Airport. Returning to Moscow.

   Day six - Check out and departure day from Russia.

Details of Training:

* The price for this Space Training: Water Survival is given for crew from 3 person. Therefore, please, contact us to specify the price for the actuāl group of tourists or for one tourist.

It is necessary to provide RusAdventures with the results of medical inspections in order to participate in this Space Training.

You have to send passport information not later than 45 days before this Space Training. Please, learn others conditions and details of the reservation for Space Training: Water Survival.


Please, contact RusAdventures before Space Training: Water Survival if you are interested in:


Space Training: Water Survival

The most difficult Training!

An extreme type of Space Training is the water training for survival and rescue. Together with Russian cosmonauts and foreign astronauts, you will spend several unforgettable hours in a Soyuz spacecraft descent module capsule in the warm water of the Black Sea. Although the water survival training may seem simple and easy, not each candidate to become a cosmonaut can boast of having performed this Space Training.

Dates of training:

June 18-23, 2013

$ 15,000.00 per person *   
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Space Training includes:

  • visa support
  • meeting/departure at Sheremetyevo International/Domodedovo Airport
  • transfers between Airport and Cosmos Hotel 4* (standard single room)
  • two night stays at a Cosmos Hotel (before and after Space Training)
  • air transfers from Moscow to Adler Airport and from Adler Airport to Moscow (business class)
  • transfers between Airport and a Sochi Hotel
  • two night stays at a Sochi Hotel
  • Space Training: Water Survival
  • all meals
  • interpreter (English, German, French)
  • photo and video shooting in the Space Training: Water Survival
  • special digital photos (your Space Training, Black Sea)
  • certification of Space Training
  • assistance from RusAdventures
Space Training: Water Survival

Even more seconds and the most difficult, most heaviest Space Training: Water Survival for this Tourist will end.

[email protected] or [email protected]

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