Moscow Tour: Excursion

Name: St Basil's Cathedral      Quantity of bells: 19
Structure: 8 separate churches Years of construction: 1555-1560

Moscow Tour: Excursion Itinerary:

You will move across Moscow, in the comfortable bus, together with a guide-interpreter from your Hotel or other place specified by you.

In Moscow Tour: Excursion to you will tell and will show:

  • Red Square, St Basil's Cathedral and Lenin's Mausoleum
  • St Sophia’s Embankment. A Splendid panoramic view of the Kremlin
  • Cathedral of Christ the Redemeer - symbol of spiritual revival of Russia. The cathedral has been constructed between 1839-83, in honour of a victory of Russia over Napoleon. The cathedral has been destroyed by Stalin, has turned to a swimming pool later, and in 1997 is restored
  • Novodevichy Convent, an monument of architecture of 16-17 centuries
  • St Peter the Great's Monument. At 94,5 m high (twice above of the Statue of Liberty), St Peter the Great's statue stands magnificently near Moscow river and is viewable from all over Moscow
  • Vorobyovy Gory - the highest place in Moscow. Provides a breathtaking view of the city (especially at night)
  • Moscow State University (founded in 1755)
  • The White House (Government of the Russian Federation), a landmark of post-reformed Russia
  • Federal Security Service (KGB) and other objects.

Details of Moscow Tour:

* The price of Moscow Tour: Excursion given for group of 3 person. Please note that the price for this Moscow Tour is a group price: the more tourists in the group, the lower the price for each tourist. Therefore, please contact us to specify the price for the actual group of tourists or for one tourist.

The duration of Moscow Tour: Excursion (from departure before returning) no more than 6.0 - 6.5 hours. You pay for this Moscow Tour after his end. Payment in euro under the current exchange rate of dollar/euro is possible. Please look others conditions and details of the reservation for Moscow Tour: Excursion.


Please, contact RusAdventures before Moscow Tour: Excursion if you are interested in:

  • second/third Moscow Tour. For example, Moscow Tour: Excursion and Moscow Tour: Space Museum or Moscow Tour: Metro or other Tour (before Moscow Tour: Excursion or after this Moscow Tour)
  • other tours in Moscow and/or Moscow Region (at your choice) and also
  • visa support, VIP immigration customs processing for arrival/departure at Sheremetyevo International, SVO-F/Domodedovo Airport (Moscow), accommodation in one of the Moscow Hotels, guide-interpreter, transport
  • combining business in Russia and Moscow Tour: Excursion during your visit to Moscow

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Moscow Tour: Excursion 

The most interesting sights

Moscow is a city rich in history, which leaves an indelible impression on the foreign visitor. Huge changes have occured in Moscow for last 15 years. New prospectuses, tunnels, the areas and automobile outcomes. But there are places which tens years have remained same. Old and new areas of city, historical and modern monuments, official objects and corners favourite by muscovites - create a unique image capital of Russia. RusAdventures invites to see the most interesting objects of old and new Moscow within several hours by the comfortable bus of the company. Join in Moscow Tour: Excursion.

Dates of Moscow Tour:

The Moscow Tour: Excursion is possible in any workday of the week. But on official State Holidays of Russia this Moscow Tour is not possible. Best time for Moscow Tour: Excursion is a Saturday or Sunday.

$ 90.00 per person *   
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Compare our prices to other offers of Moscow Tour: Excursion.
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Moscow Tour: Excursion includes:

  • transfers between your Moscow Hotel (or other place in Moscow) and objects this Moscow Tour
  • special Moscow Tour: Excursion (3.45-4.0 hours)
  • interpreter (English, German, French)
  • your photographing and video shooting in the Moscow Tour: Excursion
  • digital photos (you and Moscow Tour)
  • assistance from RusAdventures

Moscow Tour: Excursion

Tourists from USA admire St Basil's Cathedral on the Red Square. Behind them - Lenin's Mausoleum. It is the first stop in Moscow Tour: Excursion.

Moscow Tour: Excursion
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