Russian Space Program Tour
Name: Proton M rocket      Launch weight: 1543,550 lbs / 700 t
Length: 140 ft / 42,3 m Payload weight: 14.3 lbs / 6,5 t
Max. diameter: 24.2 ft / 7,4 m Date of first launch: April 7, 2001
Russian Space Program Tour Itinerary:

   Day one  - Arrival in Moscow. Meeting at Sheremetyevo International/Domodedovo Airport. You will be accommodated in a Cosmos Hotel.

   Day two - After sightseeing on "Cosmonauts Avenue" and the monument in honour of the explorers of space (328 ft / 99 m high), you will visit the Memorial House of Sergey Korolev, the founder of Soviet Space Program. In the Space Museum of the Rocket&Space; Corporation Energia (RSC Energia, Russia), you will see the exhibits, which earlier were secret, from the first Sputnik to the Yuri Gagarin's descent capsule. You will be able to sit inside of a descent capsule of the Soyuz spacecraft, and visit inside of the mainframe of Mir Space Station. You will visit the two huge halls of the Mission Control Center, which were built especially for work with the ISS and Mir Space Station.

   Day three  - The Museum of Aviation and Cosmonautics (Moscow). After dinner, you will visit the famous Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center in Star City (near Moscow). All Soviet and Russian cosmonauts, many foreign astronauts, even the first space tourist Mr. Dennis Tito, were trained there. In Star City you will show the unique complex of space simulators: Big —entrifuge, Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory and Mir Space Station.

   Day four - In the Institute of Biomedical Problems, you will learn how future astronauts and space tourists pass medical tests on the simulators-benches. After that you will sightsee the unique hermetically-sealed Ground Based Experimental Complex (volume more than 261 yard3 / 200 m3), the Control Center of medical maintenance of space flights. After lunch you will visit a workshop of the Khrunichev Space Center, one of the leaders of the Russian Space Program. The Zvezda and Zarya modules of the International Space Station, Mir Space Station, famous Proton rocket and new Angara rocket were assembled here.

   Day five  - Day of departure from Russia. Our interpreter will take you to Sheremetyevo International/Domodedovo Airport, Moscow.

Details of Tour:

*The price of Russian Space Program Tour is given for group of 3 person. Please note that the price for Russian Space Program Tour is a group price: the more tourists in the group, the lower the price for each tourist. Therefore, please contact us to confirm the price for the actual group of tourists or for one tourist.

You have to send passport information not later than 35 days before arrival to Russia. Payment in euro under the current exchange rate of dollar/euro is possible. Please look others conditions and details of the reservation for Russian Space Program Tour.



Please, contact RusAdventures prior to the beginning of your Russian Space Program Tour if you are interested in:

  • supper with Russian cosmonaut or the leaders of the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center in the Star City restaurant (after your visit to Star City)
  • tour to the Space Museum of the Star City and/or Moscow Space Museum (before or after Russian Space Program Tour)
  • tour to the Museum Space Suits (before this Russian Space Tour or after Russian Space Program Tour or on any other day of your staying in Moscow
  • accommodation in another Moscow Hotel. For example, Marco Polo Presnja Hotel, Radisson SAS Slavyanskaya Hotel, Renaissance Moscow Hotel or Marriot Grand Hotel, if the Cosmos Hotel does not suit you
  • one or several extra days staying in Moscow (before this Russian Space Tour or after Russian Space Program Tour) with or without tours in Moscow and/or Moscow Region (at your choice)

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Russian Space Program Tour

All Space Stars of Moscow

During three days you will be given the unique chance to visit nearly all of the Russian scientific and manufacturing associations and institutes, which by right are called "stars". Each of them separately, and all of them together, have contributed significantly to the Russian Space Program. They have done a great deal to make Space Travel an ordinary event. Do not miss the chance. Participate in the Russian Space Program Tour together with

Dates of Tour:

Russian Space Program Tour is possible in any workday. On Saturday and Sunday, as well as on official State Holidays of Russia this Russian Space Program Tour is not possible.

$ 3,025.00 per person*   
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Compare our prices to other offers of Russian Space Program Tour. 
If you see prices lower than ours - all the same our prices will be below.  

Russian Space Program Tour includes:

  • visa support and entry permit to objects of the Russian Space Program Tour
  • meeting/departure at Sheremetyevo International/Domodedovo Airport
  • transfers between Airport, Hotel and objects of the Russian Space Tour
  • 5 days/4 nights stay at Cosmos Hotel 4* (standard single room)
  • special excursion to the Star City, RSC Energia, Mission Control Center, Khrunichev Space Center and other participants of the Russian Space Program Tour
  • dinner
  • interpreter (English, German, French)
  • representatives on the objects of the Russian Space Program as an escort
  • your photographing and video on objects of Russian Space Program Tour
  • digital photos (you and space objects of Russian Space Program)
  • assistance from RusAdventures
Russian Space Program Tour

Mr.David Meyers, a clerk from USA, hardly fit into the descent capsule of the Soyuz TMA spacecraft due to his height. Hight above average is one of the limitations for future cosmonauts/astronauts. He has found out it, participating in Russian Space Program Tour.  

Russian Space Program Tour
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