Russian Su-30 / Su-27 Flanker: Flight Plan

Standard Flight Plan*:

  • tail-slide - the backward and downward movement of an aircraft which has been stalled after too steep a climb
  • roll - an aerobatic manouvre by which an aircraft makes a full corkscrew revolution about its longitudinal axis
  • immelman - an airborne maneuver where the aircraft climbs vertically, then changes to a new direction of horizontal flight
  • loop - a manoeuvre consisting of a complete revolution in flight in a vertical aircraft. The upper surface of the aircraft or glider performing the manoeuvre is on the inside of the circle
  • split-S - the figure starts with a half roll to inverted followed by the second half of a loop downward
  • climbing and powerful climbing
  • diving and powerful diving - a steep descent with the nose down. A "Terminal Velocity Dive" is the steepest dive in which the aeroplane accelerates until its drag becomes equal to the thrust of gravity pulling it downwards so that the speed remains constant
  • Kvochur's bell - the aircraft propels forward almost vertically while simultaneously breaking and following the movement of its tail

*For the details of Standard flight plan in a Su-30 / Su-27 "Flanker" you can refer to the 


If you would like to include in the flight plan in a Russian fighter jet Su-30 / Su-27 "Flanker" the execution of such aerobatics exercise as the Kvochur's bell then please let us know about this 20 days before your arrival in Russia.

If your flight in the fighter jet Su-30 / Su-27 "Flanker" is aimed at execution of extra exercises in aerobatics, we would ask you to let us know the list of these exercises before your arrival in Moscow.


Su-30 / Su-27 "Flanker": Flight Plan

At the pre-flight briefing on the Russian fighter jet Su-30 / Su-27 "Flanker", besides the order of checking the means of communication and instructions on how to use them during the flight, together with the test pilot you will agree on the set and order of the aerobatic maneuvers which are going to be executed during the flight. Your test pilot knows English perfectly; so you will have no problems in communication with him either on land or in the air.

The order of exercises on aerobatics is defined by your test pilot, but you can suggest your "preferences" with the order of performing of the aerobatics. If the pilot agrees, your suggestions will be put into execution. 

You certainly can discuss the possibility of the execution of other aerobatics besides the suggested exercises. If you don't have any medical opposition to these exercises, they will be included in your flight plan in the supersonic fighter jet Su-30 / Su-27 "Flanker".

At a certain stage of the flight the test pilot can entrust you with control of the Russian fighter jet Su-30 / Su-27 "Flanker". Some of the aerobatics you can fulfill piloting the aircraft on your own. During the briefing you will be taught what to do when piloting the fighter jet, and you will learn the pilot's orders, which you have to obey.


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