Astronaut training: Space "Flight" Tour

Will You Be Able to Fly in Space?

The world's only Ground Based Experimental Complex, located at the State Research Centre - Institute for Biomedical Problems (IBMP), which was not open to visitors before, will help you to experience these feelings.

The Complex is an analogue of a Space Station. All of the unfavorable factors of a space flight, with the exception, of course, of weightlessness, are simulated to the utmost "onboard" this Complex. Cosmonauts, astronauts and researchers stay in the three huge "barrels" (the biggest one has a 65.6 ft / 20 m length and more than a 9.8 ft / 3 m height) and connected one with another by locks. People can live inside them detached from the world for several years.

The experience, accumulated by specialists of this leading Institute for many years, is a guarantee of your safety. A lot of successful long-duration (up to several months) international "missions" were carried out in this Ground Based Experimental Complex.

$ 4,420.00 per person   
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Tour Itinerary:

   Day one - After arriving in Moscow, you will be picked up by your driver and transported to your 4-star luxury Hotel. You can have a rest at the hotel or go and see the Russian capital by night.

   Day two-fifth - Early in the morning you leave for the IMBP. After the pre-flight medical check, training on the technical and medical safety onboard the "Space Station", and election of the crew commander deputy, who will become your "chief", you come on board the "Space Station". The entrance hatch is battened down. Your astronaut training - five-day space "flight" starts this way.

Every day you will work on the Space Station in accordance with the routine schedule of any astronauts (doing tasks, when and how, they are performed by astronauts) onboard any space station - either onboard the International Space Station or onboard the Mir Space Station.

Here is a schedule of work and rest:

  • reveille at 7:00 a.m.; taps at 10:30 p.m.

  • morning space toilet and medical check

  • training on the running-tracks

  • carrying out of technical, psychological, biological experiments, and scheduled inspection and maintenance work

  • control of a docking process between "Space Station" and a cargo ship. You must take the spacecraft control upon yourself if necessary

  • unloading of the cargo space ship and inventory of all loads: those, which are newly brought on and those which are still onboard "Space Station"

  • during your spare time the following is at your service: the Internet; your favorite video films and melodies, which are brought on space "flight" by you; everyday communication sessions with your family and friends

  • if you fail to complete the daily work program of "space flight", you will have to sacrifice free time

Concerning discipline onboard the "Space Station":

  • the crew commander's order is law for you

  • "Mission Control Center" monitors you and controls the work of "Space Station" throughout the space "flight". In spite of that, some extraordinary situations are possible during the space "flight". Only working together as an international crew and being lead by your commander will you be able to manage to overcome these difficulties

Concerning the menu and the schedule of meals:

  • you will have to learn to cook space food

  • there is no other kind of food onboard the "Space Station" with the exception of space food; so you are bound to take this kind of food four times per day

   Day sixth - After your astronaut training is over, you will be greeted by the solemn ceremony. Each member of the crew will receive a personal videocassette and a space present.

   Day seventh - You will spend the night in the same hotel. The next day our guide-interpreter will see you off at Sheremetyevo International Airport. 

Astronaut training: Space "Flight" Tour


This space tour includes:

  • russian visa, permission for entry and visiting to IBMP 
  • meeting/departure at Sheremetyevo International Airport, Moscow 
  • group transfers between airport and Moscow Hotel, between Moscow Hotel and Institute 
  • two night stays with breakfast at a Moscow Hotel (before and after space "flight")
  • astronaut training with using the Ground Based Experimental Complex (5 days/4 nights)
  • space food (first breakfast, second breakfast, lunch, dinner) 
  • English speaking guide 
  • a representative of the IBMP as an escort (compulsory)
  • nominal video 
  • a space gift 


There are less than 3 persons on the board of the "Space Station".

You can take aboard "Space Station" no more than 4.4 f / 2 kg of personal freights, except for medicines, drug substances, alcohol, cigarettes, cigars, smoking pipers, lighters and matches, photo and video cameras.

Medical limitations:

As well as in a real space flight the positive results of medical analyses will be the key that will open to you an access to "space".

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