Astronaut Training: Centrifuge
Name: TsF-18 Centrifuge      Maximal angular velocity: 38,6 rot/min
Radius of rotation (arm): 59 ft / 18-m Maximal G-load gradient: 5G/sec
Mass of rotating elements: 653 lbs / 300 t Crew: 2
Maximum G-load: 30 G          
Astronaut Training Itinerary:

   Day one  - Arrival to Moscow. Accommodation in Cosmos Hotel.

   Day two - You will be transferred to the Russian Star City, located in 15.5 miles / 25 km to the east from Moscow, by the company's comfortable bus, together with a guide-interpreter. After arrival to Star City you are waited with small medical check. Experts of the Center should be convinced of your normal physical condition. Some gauges on a body will help to supervise your major medical parameters during this Astronaut Training on the Centrifuge. Then to you will tell about the safety precautions during rotation, possible yours to sensations and reaction of an organism to G-load.

Rotation is carried out on one of two variants:

  • Launch of a Soyuz spacecraft into an orbit of the artificial satellite with full or reduced/shortened in time G-load (up to 4 G)
  • Descent of a Soyuz spacecraft from an orbit of the artificial satellite with full or reduced/shortened in time G-load (up 6.5 G)

who corresponds to your state of health.

You place in a special armchair, roll in a cabin of the Centrifuge. The hatch is closed - rotation begins, Astronaut Training - proceeds.

   Day three  - Check out and departure day from Russia, Moscow.

Details of Astronaut Training:

* The price of Astronaut Training: Centrifuge is given for 1 person.

We hope for a good condition of your health. The contra-indications are: hypertension of a high level, ischemia, fungous diseases and oncological diseases.

Your Height should be from 5.41 ft / 1,65 m to 6.23 ft / 1,90 m, normal body-build.

The duration of Astronaut Training: Centrifuge (from departure before returning) no more than 4.0 - 4.5 hours. You have to send passport information not later than 30 days before Astronaut Training: Centrifuge. Please, learn others conditions and details of the reservation for this Astronaut Training.


Please, contact RusAdventures before Astronaut Training: Centrifuge if you are interested in:

  • rotation of smaller or greater duration
  • special video recording of Astronaut Training: Centrifuge
  • supper with cosmonaut in the Russian Star City restaurant (after this Astronaut Training)
  • second/third Russian Astronaut Training in Star City. For example, Astronaut Training: Centrifuge and Astronaut Training: ORLAN Space Suit or Astronaut Training: Neutral Buoyancy or other Star City Training (before Astronaut Training: Centrifuge or after this Astronaut Training)
  • association of several tours in Star City (at your choice)
  • first/second Russian Space Tour. For example, Astronaut Training: Centrifuge and Russian Mission Control Centre or Main Space Museum of Russia or Moscow Space Museum or other Space Tour (before or after Astronaut Training: Centrifuge or on any other day of your staying in Moscow)
  • other tours (before Astronaut Training: Centrifuge or after this Astronaut Training) in Moscow and/or Moscow Region (at your choice) and also
  • accommodation in another Moscow Hotel. For example, Marco Polo Presnja Hotel, Radisson SAS Slavyanskaya Hotel, Renaissance Moscow Hotel, Marriot Grand Hotel) or others, if the Cosmos Hotel does not suit you
  • combining business in Russia and Astronaut Training: Centrifuge during your visit to Moscow (only Astronaut Training in Russian Star City), without all services)

Astronaut Training: Centrifuge

Test itself an G-load in Star City

At launch of Russian Soyuz spacecraft on orbit and descent to the Earth on cosmonauts influence G-loads. In conditions of terrestrial gravitation for modelling G-loads the method of modelling of acceleration on a centrifuge with a mobile cabin is used. In Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center (Russian Star City, Moscow region) there is such centrifuge - the world's largest TsF-18 Centrifuge. Possibly, this Astronaut Training will push you to the decision to fly to space. Or... on the contrary. Anyhow, Astronaut Training: Centrifuge is a fine opportunity to check up on your endurance not in space and in the Russian Star City.

Dates of Astronaut Training:

The Astronaut Training: Centrifuge is not possible in any workday. On Saturday and Sunday, as well as on Russian official State Holidays the Star City is closed and Astronaut Training: Centrifuge is not possible. Therefore, please contact us to specify possible dates of this Astronaut Training in Russian Star City.

$ 3,940.00 per person *   
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Astronaut Training includes:

  • visa support, permission for entry and visiting of the Russian Star City
  • meeting/departure at Sheremetyevo International/Domodedovo Airport, Moscow
  • transfers between Airport and Cosmos Hotel, Hotel and Star City
  • 3 days/2 nights stays at Cosmos Hotel 4* (standard single room)
  • Astronaut Training: Centrifuge (5-6 minutes of rotation)
  • interpreter (English, German, French)
  • photo and video shooting in the Astronaut Training: Centrifuge
  • digital photos (you, Centrifuge and Russian Star City)
  • certification of Astronaut Training
  • assistance from RusAdventures
Astronaut Training: Centrifuge

The most elderly Tourist (USA), the participant of Astronaut Training: Centrifuge in Russian Star City.

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Astronaut Training: Centrifuge
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