Russia Tour: Russian Mir Space Station (Moscow)
Name: Mir Space Station      Number of visiting crews: 27
Number of launchs: 109 Number of cosmonauts/astronauts: 104
Number of dockings: 142 Date of first launch: 20 Feb, 1986
Number of the basic expeditions: 28  
Mir Station Tour Itinerary:

You will be transferred to the Star City, located 15.5 miles / 25 km to the east from Moscow (Russia), by the company's comfortable bus, together with a guide-interpreter.

After you arrive in Star City (9:00 am.) the specialists of the GCTC will tell you about the history of the creation of the soviet/russian Mir Space Station and its "work" in space during 15 years. Soyuz spacecraft and the Atlantis, Discovery, Endeavour US Shuttles docked with it more than 70 times. Valeri Polyakov spent almost 438 days in orbit, proving that the flight of a man to Mars is possible, exactly in this Space Station. None of the cosmonauts and astronauts, who worked onboard the Station, who came to outer space, either during launches and lands in Soyuz spacecraft, died during this 15-year period. 

Besides the Mir Space Station Base Block you will visit some of other modules: Priroda, Kristall, Kvant, Kvant-2, Spektr. More then 31 000 different experiments in the cause of science, technology and manufacturing were performed onboard them while they were docked to the Russian Space Station.

You will be able to sit down in one of the chairs of the Soyuz spacecraft. Having done that, you will assure yourself of the fact that "everything must be paid for". In this case a cosmonaut pays in comfort for the safety of flights.

The charred descent module capsule of a Soyuz TMA spacecraft will give you an idea of the ordeals for crews and capsules during the process of descending from an orbit and landing.

You will see the SOKOL Space Suit, which is used by a cosmonaut while he/she is flying to a Space Station in a Soyuz spacecraft. You will also view the ORLAN M Space Suit for work outside of the former Mir Space Station and ISS for performing different experiments and installation and maintenance work as well.

You will learn what cosmonauts eat onboard a Space Station, what they are dressed in, how and where they sleep, how they wash and shave themselves, cut their hair, and what "space toilet" means.

All of the best which existed on board the Mir Space Station, is being used now on board the International Space Station by Russian scientists and specialists. You will be able to compare the Russian Segment of the ISS (Zvezda and Zarya modules) with the Mir Space Station Base Block.

In the Russian Mission Control Center Press Conference Hall (Korolev City, not far away from Star City), which is a counterpart to the Johnson Space Center Mission Control (USA), the specialists of the center will tell you about how the Mir Space Station was controlled, wwhat problems occurred and how they were solved during the 15-year flight of the Russian Space Station.

From the guest stand of the Mir Space Station Control Hall you will see the safe descent of the Station from orbit down into the Pacific Ocean and how it was provided that none of the unburned parts of the Space Station fell down on to land.


Please, contact RusAdventures before your arrival in Russia if you are interested in:

  • photos of the cosmonauts/astronauts, Russian space stations and spacecraft, badges, stickers, emblems, stripes and space food (Russia)
  • the second Russian Space Tour in the Main Space Museum in Russia and/or Institute for Biomedical Problems and/or Space Museum of the Star City (before or after the Mir Space Station Tour or on any other day of your staying in Moscow)
  • others excursions in Moscow and the Moscow Region (at your choice) and also
  • a visa support, VIP immigration customs processing (or Fast-Track) for arrival/departure, meeting/departure at Sheremetyevo International Airport (Moscow), accommodate you in one of the Moscow Hotels, a guide-interpreter (English, German, French), comfortable transport
  • combining business in Russia and Mir Space Station Tour during your visit to Moscow

Russia Tour: Russian Mir Space Station (Moscow)

In spite of the fact, that the Mir Space Station was brought down by its creators into the Pacific Ocean on March 23, 2001, you will be able to see it safe in Moscow, in the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center (GCTC) in Star City, Russia. In the Mir Space Station Control Hall (Russian Mission Control Center) you will see the last stage of existence of the Station: the controlled descent of the Space Station with 308,710 lbs / 140 t of weight, which was performed for the first time in history.


The Russian Mir Space Station Tour is possible per any working day of week. On Saturday and Sunday, as well as on official State Holidays the Star City (Russia) and Mission Control is closed.

$ 299.00 per person   
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Mir Station Tour includes:

  • permission for entry and visiting of the Star City, Russia and Mission Control Center
  • group transfers between your Moscow Hotel and GCTC and Mission Control Center, Moscow
  • excursion to the Star City (2.0 - 2.5 hours) and special excursion at Mission Control Centre (1.5 - 2.0 hours)
  • lunch
  • a guide-interpreter (English, German, French)
  • photo and video permit
  • digital photos (you and Mir Space Station, Star City and Mission Control Center)
  • space gift
  • assistance from RusAdventures


The price of the Russian Mir Space Station Tour is given for group of 3 person. Please note that the price for this Russia Space Tour is a group price: the more tourists in the group you have, the lower the price for each tourist you will be charged. Therefore, please contact us to specify the price for the actual group of tourists or for one tourist.

You have to send passport data not later than 20 days before your arrival to Russia (Moscow). Please, learn the conditions, terms and details of the reservation and payment for this Russia Space Tour.
Russia Tour: Russian Mir Space Station (Moscow)

Teenagers Adriaan and Cornelis Jelsma (from the Netherlands) still can not decide whether they should use in the future the docking nodes of the Russian Mir Space Station or not?

Russia Tour: Russian Mir Space Station (Moscow)
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